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Empire Property Maintenance agrees to supply to its customers (herein shall refer to the parties whom the invoice is addressed) with services (as referred to in the invoice) from time to time on the following terms and conditions:

​1.     Immediate notification to Empire Property Maintenance of any alteration to ownership, legal entity or trading style.

2.     Any additions, alterations, extras or variations to that specified shall be in writing. Empire Property Maintenance shall not be compelled to                 proceed with the same until any price variation and Payment arrangements have been confirmed in writing.

3.     Any prices quoted on future work will remain current for 21 days from the date of the estimate. Any work commenced after that time may be             subject to an increase based on the consumer price index from the present index.

4.    Accounts for the services provided will be submitted within 24 hours of completion of work and would be payable within the terms specified on         the invoice and or statement. In addition as of the 1/4/2015, Empire Property Maintenance reserves the right to charge a Late Fee of on all               overdue payments.

5.     No claims shall be recognised by Empire Property Maintenance unless the claim is made within 24 hours of supplying of service. All                         reasonable claims so notified shall be recognised, Not withstanding, such complaint, payment for those items acknowledged as correct shall           be made in accordance with the agreed terms of trading.

6.     Should collection proceedings at any time be required to enforce payments to Empire Property Maintenance, I/We agree to reimburse Empire         Property Maintenance with all costs, disbursements, Debt collection agency Fees, search fees, solicitors costs and commissions (usually10%)

        Payable to the Collection agency.

7.     If Legal Action is required, and Judgment has been obtained, the applicant agrees to reimburse any Fees charged by the Debt Collection                 Agency to Empire Property Maintenance for their services Provided on all actions necessarily taken after Judgement has been entered to                 collect outstanding Monies.

8.     If work being performed is for a Pty Ltd Company then all the directors of that company agree that if payment is not made by their company to         Empire Property Maintenance then all directors can and will be held personally Liable for this account and this will be a continuing guarantee           until cancelled in writing.

9.    The title in any goods sold or delivered by Empire Property Maintenance shall remain the property of Empire Property Maintenance until                  payment has been received in full for such goods.

10.  The applicant hereby grants a license to Empire Property Maintenance, their agents, or to an officer of the Courts to enter any premises of the        applicants where the goods are situated to re-take possession of and remove the goods in respect of which the title has not passed to the                buyer (even if installed).​